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Sure, there are a wide range of perks you can expect as a member of the Two Pesos family, but we’ll also give you opportunities to grow, develop and really grab life by the stove.



Eat on us

As part of the Two Pesos team, you’ll get free meal on every shift.

Welcome to the family

At Two Pesos, you’ll work with great friends and make brand new ones. It’s great to know someone’s always got your back.

Grow as you explore!

Working at Two Pesos, not only will you have an amazing time, our learning pathways will ensure that you’ll pick up some valuable skills along the way that’ll prepare you for the big adventure called life.

Take your career to hot new heights

With a range of great learning and development opportunities along our learning pathways, you’ll be able to arm yourself with the leadership skills you need to achieve new height in your career, whether becoming a team leader or own a Two Pesos outlet by yourself.

Make your own “Ringgit”

If this is your first job, you’ll have the sweet feeling of knowing you’re making and managing your own ‘Ringgit’ (or money in English). Just don’t go spending it all at once.

Sharing on Profits

We believe every team members contribute to our great success. In Two Pesos, we share our success and profit with our team through a KPI Bonus System. The more we achieve together, the more you earn!


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